This website has been created in memory of our baby daughter Danielle who sadly passed away after eight days. She was never able to leave Addenbrookes hospital but we treasure the time that we were able to have with her.

An hour or so after her birth I was left alone in a hospital room with my wife Liza being taken off to theatre with a massive haemorrhage and our new daughter Danielle rushed off to Neo-natal intensive care (NICU). I posted a brief message on Twitter:

7:33 PM Mar 25th
Baby born hour or so ago. Not good news :( Baby’s shoulder got stuck – mum in theatre but ok not sure about baby :( in intensive care

This site will contain the public Twitter messages that followed together with photos and memories about Danielle. There have also been many DM (Direct Messages) via Twitter, but it clearly isn’t appropriate to publish these. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sent us a message (direct or otherwise) – they really have helped.

The family together - Andrew, Liza, Jennifer and Danielle

The family together - Andrew, Liza, Jennifer and Danielle

Up until the delivery, we believe that the pregnancy had been ‘normal’ with no complications. During the final stages of delivery we encountered ‘shoulder dystocia’. This is a major complication where the baby’s shoulder becomes stuck. With Danielle it seems to have been a particularly complicated case where the doctors and midwives had to go through the entire range of recommended procedures. When Danielle was born she was given immediate resuscitation but didn’t breathe for 18 minutes. As we currently understand, this – together with the time she was stuck – meant she suffered extensive brain damage due to a lack of oxygen reaching her brain. The extend of this damage became clear in an MRI scan when she was a week old. She died later the next evening, two hours after she was taken off her breathing apparatus.

We will post our thoughts and details – but do appreciate that we’re both teachers, not medical professionals so the comments on this site are very much our own interpretations. We have received fantastic treatment and support from the vast majority of staff at Addenbrookes (just one member of staff who dismissed Liza’s extensive pain as she was going into labour) and thank them for the time that we were able to spend with our daughter. The staff in the delivery unit and the neonatal intensive care were amazing.

I’m starting this site on Friday 9th April, just under a week since Danielle passed away. I hope to have it complete by the time her funeral takes place on Tuesday 13th.

Andrew Field

Update – 10th April 00:40 – have now added all the Twitter posts and replies from the last few weeks. To complete the site we plan to add photo galleries (selected from the 1000+ photos we took of Danielle) together with separate posts about our thoughts and memories. I hope this site will then be able to stand as a memorial to our daughter and help us look back at the time we had together.

Update 2 – 10 April 08:33 – added first collection of images via a gallery page. There are many images to add, so we’ll probably put an appropriate selection (if there is such a thing).

Update 3 – 11 April late night – improved the way the site is presented – you now get a static page showing this introduction followed by an automatically generated listing of all the posts in chronological order underneath. This means you can visit the site, read this summary and then jump to a specific area of interest. Simple task but took a lot of fiddling and playing with WordPress options. Also added further collection of photos showing Danielle on her second day.

Update 4 – 12 April. I’m pleased with what has been done before the day of Danielle’s funeral. We’ve taken far too many photos to upload everything in time, but the site has been created, storing all the Twitter messages. This was my main aim when it was started three days ago. We’ve been very pleased with the reaction and thus both Liza and I will continue to expand the site further with more details and photos where possible. It already serves as a great memory of Danielle’s life and we will improve it further in the days after her funeral.

Update 5 – 14 April. Added a copy of the address given at Danielle’s funeral. As above, we plan to continue to add photos and further reflections about our daughter. We’re also going to setup links so donations can be given to the Addenbrookes NICU.

What now? The best place to start is the first post – see the full list below:

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  • samantha litton

    mr field i am deverstanted to hear your loss of your baby doughter Danielle i hope that everything in the future will turn out ok for you. i can not honestly say how sorry i am thought in the picturs u and your famile look verry happy together and Danielle and Jennifer look verry sweet, i look forward to seeing you back at shool all my thoughts and best wishes Samantha Litton x

  • Debbie Reed

    Liza and Andy – my thoughts have been with you since your gorgeous daughter Danielle was born – what a beautiful little girl she was, as beautiful as her big sister, who I have the pleasure of seeing everyday at pre-school. Your triubte to her is one that will last forever and I am sure there wont be a minute of the day when you are not thinking about her. She was a lucky little girl having you as her Mummy and Daddy and of course the very special Jennifer as her big Sister, sending big hugs to you all – Debbie Reed (Rainbow)

  • pammac1971

    To The Field Family

    Sophie told us about your tragic news about baby Danielle this morning and would like to express our sincere condolancies at this difficult time. I see this beautiful poem the other day and thought I would send it.

    I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that, too. I think of you in silence. I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memories are a keepsake, from which will never part. God has you in his keeping. I have you in my ……HEART

    With all our heart felt wishes
    Pam McNamara and family x x x x

  • sarahgleeson

    Hi Andy,

    Not sure if you remember me or not – my name is Sarah Gleeson and I worked in the English department for about a year while Lynn Anderson was on maternity leave. I'm from Ireland. Anyway, I just heard about the passing of your beautiful baby girl Danielle and I wanted to extend my heartfelt condolenses to you and your wife Liza and daughter Jennifer. She was a beautiful little girl and I thought that your funeral address was so moving.
    I just wanted to extend my love and support to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    With love,
    Sarah Gleeson.

  • Ruth Venni

    To the Field Family,

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your beautiful daughter Danielle. My thoughts are with you.

    Kind regards,
    Ruth Venni

  • Kim Wheeler

    To you and your Family,
    I am so so sorry to hear about this sad news as I return to March for the summer.
    I just want to say that this tribute is such a moving story to read, and so fitting for such a beautiful girl, and the pictures are so lovely. I hope you are getting stronger each day, and can look back with fondness on the short time Danielle got to spend with her loving family.
    All my best wishes,
    Kim Wheeler

  • Gail

    Hi Bumped into this looking for something completely different actually. Just wanted to say how sorry I am to know of what happened to you and to your lovely little girl. Life can be so disgustingly unfair. I have no children of my own but I have lost 3 people in my life to serious illness, been a carer myself and had considerable medical problems. You must both have such terrible emotional pain. I dont suppose you will ever 'get over it' but you might, in time, may be along time, get used to what has happened as best you can and find a way forward. My thought and wishes are with you. Gail Lambert

  • http://twitter.com/KristianStill Kristian Still

    Seeing your fathers Tweet, I thought I would just pop in to wish you well, and pass on my regards to your family.

    The Still Family

  • http://twitter.com/stevo39x Stephen Fone

    My thoughts are with you both and my prays for the future. All the best, Steve.