This post – like others containing grabbed Twitter replies – has been dated to link directly with the chronology of Danielle’s life.

When I posted the message on Twitter –

7:33 PM Mar 25th
Baby born hour or so ago. Not good news :( Baby’s shoulder got stuck – mum in theatre but ok not sure about baby :( in intensive care

I wasn’t expecting much of a response – it was more my keenness to share the news. I was amazed by the replies that started appearing.

plasmarox: @andyfield :( Hope things go well over the next few days.
markw29: @andyfield Our thoughts are with you all… hope things improve soon
paulhaigh: @andyfield intensive care with my new baby was the most amazing, inspiring, safe place but best viewed in retrospect, very scary at the time
misetak: @andyfield thoughts and prayers for you all. Hugs too!
paulhaigh: @andyfield thinking of you all, the amazing NHS will look after you all I trust
paulhaigh: @andyfield you'll never listen to Athlete 'Wires' in the same casual way again- absolute dynamite, its about what you are going through now
melhutch: @andyfield You have lots of people pulling for you xx
sdinnage: @andyfield As many others will also say, love and thoughts with you all.
Daniel_Ley: @andyfield ohh congratulations, i hope everything's okay with the baby! :(
atantot: @andyfield my thoughts are with you – hope everything is ok.
moodlefairy: @andyfield thinking about you and Lisa and baby xx
teggie19: @andyfield sending you & your family all the good wishes for happy news very soon! Take care!
juliafallon: @andyfield :-( Sending postitive thoughts to baby and mum. And hoping for the best.
spookingdorf: @andyfield Hoping things are OK – thinking of you
natsait: @andyfield congratulations – I hope everything is ok – they are resiliant little things. All three of you are in our thoughts xxx
sghani: @andyfield thinking of you. Hope everything is ok.
stevebunce: @andyfield will pray for your family & you, Andy. Take care
tutor2u: @andyfield Thoughts with you all & fingers crossed
dominic_mcg: @andyfield wishing you and yours all the best. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
dajbelshaw: @andyfield Really sorry to hear that, Andy. Thoughts and prayers with you and family.
joelhistory: @andyfield Thoughts are with you, everything that can be crossed, is.
shervette1: @andyfield oh no. Hope news gets better. Thinking of you.
davestacey: @andyfield Thinking of you all Andy. Fingers crossed that everything works out.
jamesmichie: @andyfield my thoughts and prayers are with you all – hope everything works out!
rhadad: @andyfield Oh, Andy, I hope everything turns out all right. I'll be praying for you all.
teach_ict: @andyfield Only just read your tweet. I hope things have settled down during the night and that Lisa and the baby are both doing well.

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