March 27th 09:13:49
Here is a pic of Danielle and her Mum too: what stars!

teggie19: @andyfield what a lovely family. I hope you can all be together soon! Baby girls are such fighters! Take Care
mynictle: @andyfield lovely pic, hope all will be well very soon x
dwsm: @andyfield lovely photos. My thoughts are with you – hope all is well
tobiefysh: @andyfield in our thoughts. Thanks for sharing pictures.
digitalmaverick: @andyfield Thinking of you, your wife and baby and hoping for the best for you all. Please keep us posted on developments.
dughall: @andyfield I'll add my voice to others wishing you well, Andy. Still thinking of you.
sharnon007: @andyfield Thoughts and prayers going out to all four of you! Congratulations! Can't wait to see more good pics! :0)
lisibo: @andyfield – precious pictures. Thinking of all of you – hope Danielle continues to make progress xx
johnmayo: @andyfield More thoughts & prayers – hope Danielle continues to make progress

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