Liza picking Danielle up

20:08:16 Wed 31st March
Liza did manage to pick Danielle up earlier though

sharnon007: @andyfield you have all been in our thoughts & prayers. Hope everything is great! :0)
chrisrat: @andyfield Thinking of you and your family Andy
markw29: @andyfield Our thoughts are with you and your family
GeoBlogs: @andyfield thinking of you and the family Andy
teggie19: @andyfield Don't have the words, but our best wishes are with you and your family
lisibo: @andyfield – lovely pictures. Glad Liza is up and about. Hoping and praying for beautiful Danielle x
amandasalt: @andyfield tough times, really thinking of you all. she looks beautiful in the photos
Joga5: @andyfield Lovely photos Andy – in our thoughts here
Langwitch: @andyfield thinking of you and praying for you and your family.
dughall: @andyfield Thanks for sharing the photos, Andy. Rooting for you all.
nstone: @andyfield wishing you and your family the very best – thoughts and prayers with you all.