I’m not going to make it a habit to post copies of Twitter responses, but as this site was setup to document the replies to initial tweets about Danielle, it seems fitting to conclude with the responses to the address I gave at Danielle’s funeral yesterday.

It continues to be a real source of comfort to both myself and Liza to read your responses and to appreciate how Danielle’s short life did have a real impact. We plan to add a few further posts about Danielle, perhaps also one about why I used Twitter, but this is the last time I plan to grab responses and add them to this site.

April 13 18:28
We had our baby daughter's funeral today – this is a copy of the funeral address -

chrisrat: @andyfield I have no idea how you managed to get through that – a lovely and emotional address
amandasalt: @andyfield that was so beautiful, Andy, I hope the funeral brought you some comfort
johnelworthy: @andyfield I had no idea of your family's grief, thankyou for putting the address on the web. It is poignant and deeply moving
ZoeRoss19: @andyfield just a gorgeous address, Andy- she clearly was a brave (& very beautiful) baby. Best wishes. http://bit.ly/bHR3c0
sghani: @andyfield a very poignant address. So sorry to hear about your loss.
valleseco: @andyfield God bless you all. Can't even begin to think how you must be feeling.
4goggas: @andyfield What a moving tribute to your daughter, Andy. A brave post by Liza too.
geraldhaigh1: @andyfield Thank you for sharing your talk Andy. Again, you've made it possible for Danielle to touch all of us in different ways.
natsait: @andyfield they are beautiful words Andy, a lovely tribute on a sad day, our thoughts are with you.
neilmcdonald7: @andyfield What an amazing tribute to a special little girl. Got a lump in the throat thinking of what those words truly mean. God bless
shervette1: @andyfield such beautiful words. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers.
tricias: @andyfield thnks for sharing, she was a little girl who touched a lot of lives. Will continue to think of you all as you take the next steps

Today we held Danielle’s funeral at the Cambridge Crematorium at 9.15am. We were delighted with the turnout which included family, friends and work colleagues. Far more that we thought would be able to make it.

This was the text of the address that I gave at Danielle’s funeral:

It is really difficult to know what to say.

It all seems so unfair. Our little daughter Danielle looked so perfect.

What we can offer is thanks.

Thank you to our family and friends. You have been incredibly supportive in these really difficult and challenging times. Keep talking to us – it really does help.

Thank you to the medical staff in the delivery and intensive care units. You helped us have hope but also kept the situation clear – this helped prepare us for the worst.

Thank you to Reverend Neate – you broke the rules to baptise Danielle on Good Friday and you’ve been a real source of comfort for us.

Thank you to our lovely daughter Jennifer for being so full of energy. This has kept us going. [signs] Thank you Jennifer.

Thank you to Liza for being so strong. Nobody wants to go through this but your strength has really helped me. I love you so much – and I really do believe this has made us stronger.

Yet, most of all, we must say thank you to Danielle. In the eight days of your life we didn’t get to know much but we did find out a few things.

You were really tough. Once you clamped your hand onto a finger you didn’t let go. You had a really great grip.

You had a good sense of humour. The nurses let mummy know that she was now in charge of the nappies. Mummy changed one and made it look easy. Yet when it was the nurses’ turn you delivered some serious surprises. Excellent timing.

You had a well refined sense of taste. When you cuddled into me, your eyes kept looking at whatever shirt I was wearing. You couldn’t take your eyes off the top quality gear. Clear evidence you appreciated Daddy’s dress sense.

You took your own decisions. From the start we wanted to respond to what you let us know. The consultants told us this would be best – and we were determined to listen. You gave us hope and joy. Yet as time went on it became more evident just how ill you were.

When we got the results of your MRI scan it was clear that you didn’t have the capacity to breathe properly. On your final night, just one day later, you couldn’t have made it more comfortable for us.

Your breathing tube was removed at 11.05pm and you went asleep in your Moses basket. Around 50 minutes later you started making deep breathing noises. We checked and were told that you weren’t in pain.

I picked you up and rocked you. You felt so peaceful but were clearly on the way out. Your mum then took over and held you tight. At exactly 1.05am, two hours later, you stopped breathing.

We’d not had enough time to get to know you but you’d been kind enough to give us time to say goodbye.

We’ll never forget you Danielle – thank you for being our daughter.

This post – like others containing grabbed Twitter replies – has been dated to link directly with the chronology of Danielle’s life. Times quoted underneath tweets are GMT (i.e. -1 from current British Summer Time)

9.50am Wed 7th April
Just registered both the birth and death of Danielle. Difficult but now done. Still had to pay £7 admin fee!

dajbelshaw: @andyfield Difficult stuff, Andy. Hope you can remember her appropriately and with love but also all move on. :-)
stuartridout: @andyfield I can't imagine how difficult this time is for you. Thinking about you and wishing you strength to get through this time.
moodlefairy: @andyfield I have been thinking of you a lot in recent days – like others – don't know what to say but want to give my support x
tomhcooper: @andyfield a very diificult time. I believe the photo with you wife will remain with you always. I say a prayer for u n u family every day!
geraldhaigh: @andyfield Still in our thoughts. Danielle will always be part of the long story of your lives, spoken of by her sister, too, as she grows.
NeilAdam: @andyfield I'm so sorry to hear that Andy. I had missed the earlier tweets. Awful. Thinking of you all
hopkinsdavid: @andyfield Really sorry to hear your tragic news, our thoughts are with you
Joga5: @andyfield The absurdities of officialdom – guarenteed to make you smile or seethe. Look after you and your girls this week x
_MisterG: @andyfield I'm *so* sorry. I missed the earlier tweets due to the hectic weekend.
teach_ict: @andyfield There is nothing I can say to ease your pain, but like others, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you both x x

20:17 April 3rd
Overwhelmed by all your kind wishes – we really appreciate them and they have given my wife and I real help + made us cry!

irasocol: @andyfield Just caught up this. I am so sorry for you, your family. Wishing you recovery, and peace.
markw29: @andyfield Really sorry to hear your news. We've been thinking of your family all week
geraldhaigh: @andyfield The way you've shared Danielle's life with us has been inspirational as well as moving. We owe you and her much gratitude.
SchoolDuggery: @andyfield was checking your feed hoping to find good news about Danielle. I am so sorry. A terrrible loss.

20:14 April 3rd
Thanks so much for messages about the passing of our baby daughter Danielle. Friends, students – even people we don't know – all so kind.

MECField: @andyfield So sorry to hear your news. We are all thinking of you and Liza and Jennifer. If there is anything we can do please let me know.
pastratford: @andyfield: Very sorry to find out about Danielle. Our thoughts are with all 3 of you. At times like this life can seem very unfair.
tutor2u_econ: @andyfield Andy my thoughts are with all of you at this time, take care Geoff

2:47am April 3rd
Very sad to announce the death of our daughter, Danielle Jane Field at 1.05am this morning. She fell asleep in her Mum and Dad's arms.

unklar: @andyfield I am so sorry for your whole family's loss. I'm the praying type, so I'll say a prayer for all of you.
juliafallon: @andyfield My deepest condolences to you and your wife. :-(
yearsixteacher: @andyfield Devastated to hear the news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
ianaddison: @andyfield Sorry to hear about your daughter, our thoughts are with you
mynictle: @andyfield that's so sad, really sorry to hear x
fuzzydoguk: @andyfield So so sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts go out to you and your family, be strong – James
tobiefysh: @andyfield My thoughts with you and your family.
natsait: @andyfield I am so sorry to hear that Andy. With love natalie
Langwitch: @andyfield oh no. So sorry. Thinking of you all.
dan_bowen: @andyfield so so sorry to hear your sad news Andy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
carolrainbow: @andyfield I am so sorry, I can't imagine anything harder to cope with. Love to you all xx
geraldhaigh: @andyfield Oh Andy. Sheila and I are so sorry to hear your news. We've thought of you every day and will continue to do so.
tutor2u: @andyfield Devasting news Andy – so sad. Danielle is at peace now – having known and felt the love of two adoring parents.
lynnehorn: @andyfield So sorry to hear that – thinking of you all.
dwsm: @andyfield so sorry to hear hear about Danielle. My thoughts are with you and your family.
tomhcooper: @andyfield my prayers n thoughts are with u at this very sad time!
teachernz: @andyfield our thoughts are with you and yours… …
chrisrat: @andyfield Absolutely gutted for you Andy. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
joannejacobs: @andyfield deepest sympathies. so, so sad for you.
grumbledook: @andyfield so so sorry to hear… You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
shervette1: @andyfield so sorry to hear your sad news. Thinking of you all.
muppetmasteruk: @andyfield so sorry to hear, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
davestacey: @andyfield I'm so sorry to hear your news Andy. We're thinking of you.
timdolan: @andyfield Really sorry, I am praying for you. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. http://j.mp/9o9yNh
AdrianMelrose: @andyfield How terribly sad, our thoughts are with you all.
TinyAcorns: @andyfield so sorry to hear your sad news – you are all in my prayers.
ictrambling: @andyfield Very sad news. Thoughts are with you and your family.
Elsfield: @andyfield so sorry to hear your very sad news
ShellTerrell: @andyfield My prayers are with you and your family
deerwood: @andyfield sometimes our thoughts are not enough but may be all we can offer. sympathy and condolences on your sad loss
alee11: @andyfield My thoughts are with you and your family, I think Danielle has been in so many of our thoughts this week. Take Care.
Daniel_Ley: @andyfield really sorry to hear that, i hope you and your family are alright :( my condolences are with you
plasmarox: @andyfield that's terrible, my thoughts are with you and your family.
Joga5: @andyfield Nothing we can say will ease your pain but we are all thinking of you at this time Bill x
SusanElkinJourn: @andyfield Thinking of you all in your sadness. No need to reply. Susan Elkin
thinkict: @andyfield Heard very sad news. My prayers for you and Liza – and baby Danielle – to find peace and joy despite unexpected outcome.
CarlShepherdson: @andyfield I'm so sorry to hear that Andrew, I'll be thinking of you & your family.
xxcharie: @andyfield May the love you feel around you help ease the ache in your heart. My condolences.
ahrenfelt: @andyfield My thoughts are with you during this difficult time Andrew.
teggie19: @andyfield so very sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are for your family at this time.
melhutch: @andyfield How terrible for you and your family- you are in our thoughts during this awful time.
foxburg: @andyfield our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
416Jesse: @andyfield I'm so sorry for your loss :( That truly breaks my heart
ZoeRoss19: @andyfield Andy, I'm so sorry to hear your news. My thoughts really are with you and your wife.
stephanrinke: @andyfield So,so sorry to hear about your loss.I can't begin to imagine what you must be going through.My thoughts and prayers are with you!