This post – like others containing grabbed Twitter replies – has been dated to link directly with the chronology of Danielle’s life. Times quoted underneath tweets are GMT (i.e. -1 from current British Summer Time)

9.50am Wed 7th April
Just registered both the birth and death of Danielle. Difficult but now done. Still had to pay £7 admin fee!

dajbelshaw: @andyfield Difficult stuff, Andy. Hope you can remember her appropriately and with love but also all move on. :-)
stuartridout: @andyfield I can't imagine how difficult this time is for you. Thinking about you and wishing you strength to get through this time.
moodlefairy: @andyfield I have been thinking of you a lot in recent days – like others – don't know what to say but want to give my support x
tomhcooper: @andyfield a very diificult time. I believe the photo with you wife will remain with you always. I say a prayer for u n u family every day!
geraldhaigh: @andyfield Still in our thoughts. Danielle will always be part of the long story of your lives, spoken of by her sister, too, as she grows.
NeilAdam: @andyfield I'm so sorry to hear that Andy. I had missed the earlier tweets. Awful. Thinking of you all
hopkinsdavid: @andyfield Really sorry to hear your tragic news, our thoughts are with you
Joga5: @andyfield The absurdities of officialdom – guarenteed to make you smile or seethe. Look after you and your girls this week x
_MisterG: @andyfield I'm *so* sorry. I missed the earlier tweets due to the hectic weekend.
teach_ict: @andyfield There is nothing I can say to ease your pain, but like others, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you both x x

20:14 April 3rd
Thanks so much for messages about the passing of our baby daughter Danielle. Friends, students – even people we don't know – all so kind.

MECField: @andyfield So sorry to hear your news. We are all thinking of you and Liza and Jennifer. If there is anything we can do please let me know.
pastratford: @andyfield: Very sorry to find out about Danielle. Our thoughts are with all 3 of you. At times like this life can seem very unfair.
tutor2u_econ: @andyfield Andy my thoughts are with all of you at this time, take care Geoff

2:47am April 3rd
Very sad to announce the death of our daughter, Danielle Jane Field at 1.05am this morning. She fell asleep in her Mum and Dad's arms.

unklar: @andyfield I am so sorry for your whole family's loss. I'm the praying type, so I'll say a prayer for all of you.
juliafallon: @andyfield My deepest condolences to you and your wife. :-(
yearsixteacher: @andyfield Devastated to hear the news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
ianaddison: @andyfield Sorry to hear about your daughter, our thoughts are with you
mynictle: @andyfield that's so sad, really sorry to hear x
fuzzydoguk: @andyfield So so sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts go out to you and your family, be strong – James
tobiefysh: @andyfield My thoughts with you and your family.
natsait: @andyfield I am so sorry to hear that Andy. With love natalie
Langwitch: @andyfield oh no. So sorry. Thinking of you all.
dan_bowen: @andyfield so so sorry to hear your sad news Andy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
carolrainbow: @andyfield I am so sorry, I can't imagine anything harder to cope with. Love to you all xx
geraldhaigh: @andyfield Oh Andy. Sheila and I are so sorry to hear your news. We've thought of you every day and will continue to do so.
tutor2u: @andyfield Devasting news Andy – so sad. Danielle is at peace now – having known and felt the love of two adoring parents.
lynnehorn: @andyfield So sorry to hear that – thinking of you all.
dwsm: @andyfield so sorry to hear hear about Danielle. My thoughts are with you and your family.
tomhcooper: @andyfield my prayers n thoughts are with u at this very sad time!
teachernz: @andyfield our thoughts are with you and yours… …
chrisrat: @andyfield Absolutely gutted for you Andy. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
joannejacobs: @andyfield deepest sympathies. so, so sad for you.
grumbledook: @andyfield so so sorry to hear… You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
shervette1: @andyfield so sorry to hear your sad news. Thinking of you all.
muppetmasteruk: @andyfield so sorry to hear, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
davestacey: @andyfield I'm so sorry to hear your news Andy. We're thinking of you.
timdolan: @andyfield Really sorry, I am praying for you. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
AdrianMelrose: @andyfield How terribly sad, our thoughts are with you all.
TinyAcorns: @andyfield so sorry to hear your sad news – you are all in my prayers.
ictrambling: @andyfield Very sad news. Thoughts are with you and your family.
Elsfield: @andyfield so sorry to hear your very sad news
ShellTerrell: @andyfield My prayers are with you and your family
deerwood: @andyfield sometimes our thoughts are not enough but may be all we can offer. sympathy and condolences on your sad loss
alee11: @andyfield My thoughts are with you and your family, I think Danielle has been in so many of our thoughts this week. Take Care.
Daniel_Ley: @andyfield really sorry to hear that, i hope you and your family are alright :( my condolences are with you
plasmarox: @andyfield that's terrible, my thoughts are with you and your family.
Joga5: @andyfield Nothing we can say will ease your pain but we are all thinking of you at this time Bill x
SusanElkinJourn: @andyfield Thinking of you all in your sadness. No need to reply. Susan Elkin
thinkict: @andyfield Heard very sad news. My prayers for you and Liza – and baby Danielle – to find peace and joy despite unexpected outcome.
CarlShepherdson: @andyfield I'm so sorry to hear that Andrew, I'll be thinking of you & your family.
xxcharie: @andyfield May the love you feel around you help ease the ache in your heart. My condolences.
ahrenfelt: @andyfield My thoughts are with you during this difficult time Andrew.
teggie19: @andyfield so very sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are for your family at this time.
melhutch: @andyfield How terrible for you and your family- you are in our thoughts during this awful time.
foxburg: @andyfield our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
416Jesse: @andyfield I'm so sorry for your loss :( That truly breaks my heart
ZoeRoss19: @andyfield Andy, I'm so sorry to hear your news. My thoughts really are with you and your wife.
stephanrinke: @andyfield So,so sorry to hear about your loss.I can't begin to imagine what you must be going through.My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Liza picking Danielle up

20:08:16 Wed 31st March
Liza did manage to pick Danielle up earlier though

sharnon007: @andyfield you have all been in our thoughts & prayers. Hope everything is great! :0)
chrisrat: @andyfield Thinking of you and your family Andy
markw29: @andyfield Our thoughts are with you and your family
GeoBlogs: @andyfield thinking of you and the family Andy
teggie19: @andyfield Don't have the words, but our best wishes are with you and your family
lisibo: @andyfield – lovely pictures. Glad Liza is up and about. Hoping and praying for beautiful Danielle x
amandasalt: @andyfield tough times, really thinking of you all. she looks beautiful in the photos
Joga5: @andyfield Lovely photos Andy – in our thoughts here
Langwitch: @andyfield thinking of you and praying for you and your family.
dughall: @andyfield Thanks for sharing the photos, Andy. Rooting for you all.
nstone: @andyfield wishing you and your family the very best – thoughts and prayers with you all.

20:02 31st March
Six days on – Liza (wife) doing ok but still in hospital. Danielle (baby) very ill in intensive care – outcome looks increasingly poor :(

DebbieSwan: @andyfield sending you my very best wishes and positive thoughts x
MarieFrance: @andyfield I am sorry- All my thoughts are with you and Lisa, prayers for Danielle
stephanrinke: @andyfield my thoughts and prayers are with you all, Andy!
daveterron: @andyfield We're all rooting for you and your girls. Take care.
ZoeRoss19: @andyfield it must be awful for you – very best wishes to you all
simonrenshaw: @andyfield keeping everthing crossed for you and the family. Hang on in there Fields!
jonesieboy: @andyfield You and yours are in my thoughts every day. Hang on in there.
misterel: @andyfield my thoughts are with you and your family.
sethdickens: @andyfield All 3 of us here hold you guys in our thoughts, Andy.
melhutch: @andyfield Many of us are pulling for you and sending positive thoughts.
juliafallon: @andyfield Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
dajbelshaw: @andyfield Sorry to hear about Danielle, Andy. Good news about Liza though.

March 30th 12:11
Liza up and walking for first time today – lovely to visit Danielle and she her little eyes open

NeilAdam: @andyfield really sorry to hear about that – just looked back through your tweets. desparate. thoughts & prayers

Tue Mar 30 12:10
Danielle (new baby) still in intensive care but has been stable for nearly 4 days. Brain injury main focus but +ve she is still here :)

Danielle looking at her Mum

Danielle looking at her Mum

March 28th 19:08
Danielle showing signs though – looked at Mummy today and grabbed finger :)

gvibe: @andyfield that does sound very promising, all the best Andy
josepicardo: @andyfield that's very good news – hope more news like that to come
nickdennis: @andyfield Glad to hear that Liza's okay and hope for more good news
sethdickens: @andyfield She looks absolutely wonderful Andy. I really hope everything works out well for you all.
carolrainbow: @andyfield Thinking of you all. Hoping Danielle make a full recovery!
missbrownsword: @andyfield lovely photo, glad to hear they're both doing well
Joga5: @andyfield A lovely photo! Looks like she is fighting hard! Still thinking about you and the clan.
geraldhaigh: @andyfield Thank you for the photo Andy. Many people with you in this. So grateful you're including us. Love to all of you, esp Danielle.
4goggas: @andyfield Good heavens, baby quite a big girl! Hope she recovers quickly. :0)

March 28th 19:06pm
Liza now out of delivery ward after massive issues. Baby Danielle still stable in intensive care – major concern is brain damage

dajbelshaw: @andyfield Glad Liza's OK, Andy. Hoping & praying for baby Danielle…
infernaldepart: @andyfield Great news about Liza, prayers and thoughts with Danielle and family
crowsond: @andyfield Best wishes to you all – hope your fears are unfounded and that your joy will be unconfined
deerwood: @andyfield all yr followers are thinking about you and yr family, wishing the best outcome for all. Stay strong
davestacey: @andyfield Keeping everything crossed for you. Glad signs are positive.

March 27th 09:13:49
Here is a pic of Danielle and her Mum too: what stars!

teggie19: @andyfield what a lovely family. I hope you can all be together soon! Baby girls are such fighters! Take Care
mynictle: @andyfield lovely pic, hope all will be well very soon x
dwsm: @andyfield lovely photos. My thoughts are with you – hope all is well
tobiefysh: @andyfield in our thoughts. Thanks for sharing pictures.
digitalmaverick: @andyfield Thinking of you, your wife and baby and hoping for the best for you all. Please keep us posted on developments.
dughall: @andyfield I'll add my voice to others wishing you well, Andy. Still thinking of you.
sharnon007: @andyfield Thoughts and prayers going out to all four of you! Congratulations! Can't wait to see more good pics! :0)
lisibo: @andyfield – precious pictures. Thinking of all of you – hope Danielle continues to make progress xx
johnmayo: @andyfield More thoughts & prayers – hope Danielle continues to make progress

Danielle with Dad and her older sister Jennifer

andyfield: This is a picture of Danielle meeting her big sister Jennifer yesterday :)
about 13 days ago
infernaldepart: @andyfield thanks for the update andy, keep in there.
nicfranc: @andyfield thoughts and prayers for you and your family….hope everything will be ok!

08:41am March 27th
Thanks for messages re Danielle (new baby). She has been stable and alive for 35 hours now – still very poorly but we can just hope

foxburg: @andyfield best wishes to you all, thinking of you.
chrisrat: @andyfield I can't believe I missed your message yesterday. Our thoughts are with you. If there is anything you need, shout
shervette1: @andyfield Thinking of you all still. Can only imagine. Danielle is obviously a fighter!
stevebunce: @andyfield still thinking & praying for you all, Andy
misetak: @andyfield Lovely photo with both your girls. Hoping for more good news.

07.51 March 26th
Thanks for messages. Liza (wife) doing better but Danielle (baby) is not. 10lb at birth, got shoulder stuck went 18 mins without breathing

This post – like others containing grabbed Twitter replies – has been dated to link directly with the chronology of Danielle’s life.

When I posted the message on Twitter –

7:33 PM Mar 25th
Baby born hour or so ago. Not good news :( Baby’s shoulder got stuck – mum in theatre but ok not sure about baby :( in intensive care

I wasn’t expecting much of a response – it was more my keenness to share the news. I was amazed by the replies that started appearing.

plasmarox: @andyfield :( Hope things go well over the next few days.
markw29: @andyfield Our thoughts are with you all… hope things improve soon
paulhaigh: @andyfield intensive care with my new baby was the most amazing, inspiring, safe place but best viewed in retrospect, very scary at the time
misetak: @andyfield thoughts and prayers for you all. Hugs too!
paulhaigh: @andyfield thinking of you all, the amazing NHS will look after you all I trust
paulhaigh: @andyfield you'll never listen to Athlete 'Wires' in the same casual way again- absolute dynamite, its about what you are going through now
melhutch: @andyfield You have lots of people pulling for you xx
sdinnage: @andyfield As many others will also say, love and thoughts with you all.
Daniel_Ley: @andyfield ohh congratulations, i hope everything's okay with the baby! :(
atantot: @andyfield my thoughts are with you – hope everything is ok.
moodlefairy: @andyfield thinking about you and Lisa and baby xx
teggie19: @andyfield sending you & your family all the good wishes for happy news very soon! Take care!
juliafallon: @andyfield :-( Sending postitive thoughts to baby and mum. And hoping for the best.
spookingdorf: @andyfield Hoping things are OK – thinking of you
natsait: @andyfield congratulations – I hope everything is ok – they are resiliant little things. All three of you are in our thoughts xxx
sghani: @andyfield thinking of you. Hope everything is ok.
stevebunce: @andyfield will pray for your family & you, Andy. Take care
tutor2u: @andyfield Thoughts with you all & fingers crossed
dominic_mcg: @andyfield wishing you and yours all the best. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
dajbelshaw: @andyfield Really sorry to hear that, Andy. Thoughts and prayers with you and family.
joelhistory: @andyfield Thoughts are with you, everything that can be crossed, is.
shervette1: @andyfield oh no. Hope news gets better. Thinking of you.
davestacey: @andyfield Thinking of you all Andy. Fingers crossed that everything works out.
jamesmichie: @andyfield my thoughts and prayers are with you all – hope everything works out!
rhadad: @andyfield Oh, Andy, I hope everything turns out all right. I'll be praying for you all.
teach_ict: @andyfield Only just read your tweet. I hope things have settled down during the night and that Lisa and the baby are both doing well.